Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

  • Keep providing quality products to customers per standard production procedures.

Quality Commitment:

  • Keep improving management system & product quality, reinforcing process control, fulfilling customer’s demands.

Environmental Policy: WEEE & ROHS Directive

  • Use of non-hazardous substances and the recyclability of consumer goods design & produce goods which comply with environmental protection requires.
    Reduce pollution & save energy.

Testing Equienpmt

  • proimages/quality_001.jpg

    ICT (In Circuit Tester)

  • proimages/quality_002.jpg

    AUTO Tester

  • proimages/quality_005.jpg

    Blending Tester for DC cord

  • proimages/quality_004.jpg

    AC Power Meter

  • proimages/quality_006.jpg

    LCR Meter

  • proimages/quality_007.jpg

    High Temp. Chamber

  • proimages/quality_008.jpg

    Safety Tester

  • proimages/quality_009.jpg

    Grounded Resistor Machine

  • proimages/quality_010.jpg

    Temp. Rising Tester

X-Ray Analyzer

  • proimages/quality_011.jpg


  • proimages/quality_012.jpg


New Equipment

  • proimages/quality_013.jpg

    ESD Tester

  • proimages/quality_014.jpg

    Surge Tester

  • proimages/quality_015.jpg

    Burn In Tester

  • proimages/quality_016.jpg

    Wave Soldering Machine